Why B'leaf ?

B’leaf us when we say life is yours;
do what moves you.

But what moves you, after all ?

You may have fallen 7 times.
But you must have got up the 8th time.
After that heart-breaking fallout
with your first love,
what made it possible
for you to love someone. Again ?

An incredible force, maybe.
An eternal faith in humanity,
An unconditional love for life !

Or justly, a “B’leaf” that even the darkest nights are followed by a bright sunshine. It’s that sunshine, we still have Bleaf in you, in us and in nature.

What We Do?

We do what we LOVE to.
No really!
We do nothing that is not fun.

We love to travel,
connect with beautiful souls and
gulp in drinks with them.
Just to bring their delightful organic creations right at your doorstep to
add value to your life! And the best part is. We make our living within this
wonderful way of life.
To us, our work is just a way of life. A pretty basic, natural and joyous way, indeed.
Our fondness for Cannabis, love for nature and zeal to save “mother earth” is beautifully oriented in earth-friendly products of Cannabis, fashioned for your Modern-Life.


Why We Here ?

Because, Nothing fancied us more !

Than the “humble herb”-Cannabis. Than the idea of doing work which doesn’t feel like work, appropriately so.

 “We are here!”

So that you don’t have to compromise, one more time. Between vogue, ethics & planet-health.

We promise to bring all three, at the crossroads. Within our “SUSTAINABLY” crafted products, for your natural self.

Our mission is to instill “Mindful Consumerism” and “Conscious Living” in the hearts of coming generations.

Our vision is to live and let live
mother earth ! 

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