You are currently viewing 8 Reasons why we call HEMP -“a Joy-giver, Liberator & source of Happiness”

8 Reasons why we call HEMP -“a Joy-giver, Liberator & source of Happiness”

A random shot of Orange juice is good. No doubt about that!

It pleases your taste buds while taking care of your RDI (recommended daily intake) of Vitamin-C. But, do you have any plan or even an inkling of how to compensate for the serious shortfall of other nutrients & micronutrients our “generation” is facing?

No you don’t, trust us.

Also trust us when we say even we didn’t know until very recently. So we trod on a hunt for a SUPERFOOD, which can fix the most of “contemporary health affairs”, if not all of them. Little did we knew it had always existed in front of us, wildly and naturally. It’s so common that we prefer to ignore it, blithely.


We know you have busy mornings, tiresome evenings & miserably nutrient-deficient diets, too. But guess what! We know something extra about you. We know that your fast moving modern-life gives you no time to think about any of this. We’re so used to the “rush of life” that we need quick-fixes for our health, too. So we bring you a SUPERDOOD. A wholesome solution for each of you.

“Bleaf Hemp Protein” is an Ayurvedic Alchemy to restore the balance and harmony, in you. Your dream to enjoy the “goodness of cannabis” without getting out of your home is not a far-cry, anymore. We’re not joking when we say that you can now relish the mojo of Cannabis while brunching with your family on a typical Sunday Morning!

Ever wondered how to cope up with the ever-diminishing nutritional content of our diets? How to manage the rich intake of essential “nutrients & micronutrients”? Or even “satisfactory”? Well, no one knows.

But everyone knows the answer to most of these problem. It’s simple – Balanced Diet! Unfortunately, the solution is not very simple when it comes to adopting it. How simple it sounds when you realise that each ounce of food you buy from the shelves is either adulterated or coming from GMO yields? Our fast moving lives leave us with no choice but to COMPROMISE, but for how long?

Don’t worry! As promised, we bring the goodness of cannabis in its most edible form, just for you. Empirically, Hemp Protein is a natural remedy to all modern-day health affairs that helps you restore a healthy mind, body & soul.

Wondrous Seed doing wonders.

“Hearty Hemp seed” is the the most balanced source of plant-based protein. It’s rich enough to help you go meatless – without bearing the loss of nutriment. In fact, by weight, Hemp seeds provide similar amounts of protein as beef and lamb — 30 grams of hemp seeds, or 2–3 tablespoons, provide about 11 grams of protein.

We are lucky ! Thanks to the government for letting us see through the smoke around the humble herb and embrace it for its wondrous nutrition profile.

Shoutout to all the progressive and forward thinking individuals, who are here. I call them progressive for they are prepared to look beyond the taboo around Cannabis and committed to suck the untapped potential of god’s own plant – Cannabis!

Experts have predicted that India’s hemp economy may just be on the brink of getting serious with you being one of it’s early birds.

During the Pandemic, one thing was quiet clear. When some of the biggest and most developed medical systems of Western countries were failing miserably, India stood strong and resilient. India has an admittedly lower fatality rate when compared to the world. Reason? Nor because we have better medical care or infrastructure, neither because we lit those ‘Diyas” in unison. It was in lieu of the Indianised version of medicine- home remedies, herbs and natural living were doing wonders all this while!

A “robust immune system” which can only be derived from the balanced diet is the key. It consists of protein, good fats, amino acids (essential to break down proteins) , dietary fibers, Vitamins and Minerals which are mostly found in plants. Not to forget a good sleep routine coupled with physical exercise is essential too.


”Hemp is described as a joy-giver, liberator & source of happiness in Atharvaveda.”

There’s a reason Hemp is celebrated so highly in Premier Medical knowledge source – “Atharvaveda”. It’s relevance in modern times is attested clearly even by the testimonials of the pioneers of Modern medicine. Vedas have found mention whenever someone has tried to find the roots of Modern medicine. Not only that, it has been revered highly in the most celebrated culture forms such as Taoism, Sikhism, Buddhism and many more.

There must be a reason too, behind “Siddhartha” (the Buddha himself ), eating nothing but hemp and its seeds for six straight years prior to announcing (discovering) his truths and becoming the Buddha.

Hemp seed is unarguably the most balanced source of plant protein on earth. It’s packed with (EAAs) essential amino acids, which are considered “essential” because our body can’t produce them. So where do you get these?

Studies suggest that most non-vegetarians diets suffice the bodily requirement of these amino acids. But the vegetarian diets are running low on these. Does that mean being a vegetarian is a curse? Not anymore! After GOI has legalised the Sacred herb – Hemp, it’s possible to relish the richness of Hemp Products in our diets and daily lives.

Why are EAAs important? Let’s just pick one –Tryptophan, for now. The prime role of Tryptophan is to help body produce “serotonin”. It is the body’s natural “feel good” chemical that you don’t want to skip out on. It has clear & visible observations of improving mood, behavior, appetite, sleep, memory, and so much more. Remember, that’s just one of the hundred nutrients of Hemp. A spoonful of Hemp Protein can supply most of the nutrients lacking from our Modern-diets.

Hemp Protein is one of the most abundantly packed superfood, known to the mankind. It brings wholesome health and peace to your life.


“Any deficiency of essential nutrients in our body should weaken the immunity, thus increasing the risk of all types of diseases and infections”- Dr Manfred Eggersdorfer, professor of healthy ageing at University Medical College Groningen.

All time low! Yes, that’s how doctors describe the nutritional value of Modern-Day diets, if you ask them. Try it, next time you see one. The acute shortage of “nutrients and micronutrients” in today’s diet is the only cause of ever increasing chronic diseases coupled with our inability to fight them. All of this ends in a document of inevitable mental and financial loss – they call it “Hospital Bills”.

Since our diets are admittedly nutrients-scarce, it becomes essential to regain a balanced diet or natural supplements.

There is a complex interplay between our circadian rhythm, hormonal balance, and immune system that needs a healthy balanced system to thrive. When one of these systems loses balance the others may disrupt and fail to operate at their full potential, leading to a domino effect where their overall function continues to decline.

Hemp is the most balanced “Natural Superfood” which helps in securing the perfect balance between three.


Hemp, a miracle crop, has blessed mankind for thousands of years with its rich nutritional profile. Hemp Seed Cake, which remains after oil pressing, is the most balanced source of plant-based protein. After numerous rounds of careful refining , Hemp Seed Cake gives us the Superfood we’ve been waiting for – Bleaf Hemp Protein !

A powerhouse of most digestible source of dietary fiber, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Potassium, phosphorus, sodium, sulfur, calcium, Vitamin E and the list goes really long!

It’s true that some non-vegetarian food sources have richer protein profiles than Hemp Protein. But how can you ignore the facts that vegetarians tend to have a lower body weight, lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure levels. They all have a lower risk of stroke, cancer and death from heart disease than non-vegetarian. How ?


The richness of Hemp seeds and its importance in our diets is evident from the pre-historic times. Rational people still seek its importance in modern-day life through user-experience. To which, I’d prefer to not say anything myself. Instead, I’ll quote “a 42 year old homemaker” whose statement was noted only after 3 months of imbibing Hemp in her family’s diet schedule. When asked about how does she feel now, after adopting Hemp Protein in his daily diet, all she could come up was –

“Very calming for me, preventing irritation that is common in my life”

Health-conscious folks have plonked to the green side and woken up to the  mystic values of wonder-food already. Some are still lagging back and they’re losing it all. Healthy households have already started adding a healthful punch of Hemp Protein to their choice of smoothies, shakes, flour, pancakes, cereals, salads & other food recipes because they know no other single food source which is so RICH, BALANCED and PRACTICAL, for a 21st century lifestyle. For aspiring chefs and bakers, B’LEAF HEMP PROTEIN is a bright chance to add wonderful nutrients to their delightful recipes and make it healthful. A SUPERFOOD which enriches the the mental and physical wellness of it’s wide range of users – kids, women, elderly, athletes, etc.

Hemp may not be a panacea for all health conditions. But trust me, it’s an antidote for most of the contemporary health conditions faced by our generation. But, let me restrict the scope of upcoming section on why we need it “NOW” :

1) Cardioprotective – Ideal Omega 3&6 Ratio

Humans have evolved from a diet which had a ratio of 3:1 for Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids. Due to our westernised diets, today this ratio typically hovers around 15:1 and even worse-thereby increasing the chances of heart disease. Don’t be surprised when we say that every 6th death in this world is due to cardiac arrest. Hemp Protein is the most balanced & natural source of regaining your heart health, which is anyway screwed due to modern-diets and lifestyle

As an anti-inflammatory, Omega 3 fatty acids lower the joint pain and stiffness in arthritis sufferers and are useful in asthma treatment. Omega 3 may also ward off Alzheimer’s disease and fight ADHD and depression.

2) Immunity BoosterEAAs & Edestin

Edestin protein is similar to the human body’s own globular proteins found in blood plasma. Its importance in the production of antibodies to help us maintain robust immunity to help us fight the seasonal foreign pathogens. 65% of the protein in hemp seed is edestin, a protein that helps you fight any foreign agent causing ailment. Edestin protein is also considered the backbone of the cell’s DNA and facilitates DNA repair.

3) Reduces PMS – Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA)

PMS and cramps are a big part of every woman’s life and put a hindrance in daily life activities. It is believed that these symptoms are the due to a sensitivity of the prolactin hormone. Hemp seeds contain the essential fatty acids (GLA) that help relieve the sensitivity caused by that hormone, thus, reducing the effects that PMS and cramps have on our body.

4) Improves GUT healthInsoluble Fibers

Factually speaking, 7 out of 10 children suffer from IBS ( irritable bowel syndrome), today. Why ? Ever-increasing indigestion issues accrue to only one factor- decreased intake of fibers. People don’t realise this because there’s a bit of technicality! We generally get the soluble fibers, what we really lack is the insoluble part if it. Insoluble fibers aides in digestion & gently cleanse your system of the long term build up of toxins in your intestines and digestive tract. Insoluble Dietary Fibre has also been strongly linked to evade cardiovascular disease, cancers and type 2 diabetes.

5) Relieves stress- Magnesium

Magnesium in hemp seeds make it a natural weapon against stress. Magnesium supports neurotransmitter functions and help reduce stress and anxiety. Hemp protein is one of the richest source of magnesium, containing 45 percent of your daily need in just 3 tablespoons. Most types of greens and vegetables don’t even contain half of that in one cup!

Along with the omega-9, hemp seeds are also rich in magnesium and Vitamin B which play an important role in relieving stress.

6) Kid friendly – Agrinine

That’s my personal favorite! It was impossible to find the most balanced protein supplement, which was safe for a kid. It really gets difficult to suffice the nutritional intake of children these days when the cravings are endless and everything that serves craving is either toxic or unfeasible. We feel that you cant cut down on weekly Pizza parties, but that needs equitable detoxification of our body, on regular basis ! That’s where Hemp Protein comes into play- a perfect detox food for your child which improves brain function, as well.

7) Helps overcome Sleep disorders – Tryptophan

Tryptophan, an Amino acids we must ingest daily, helps to improve sleep, boost mood and fight insomnia. It also plays a role in memory, learning and regulation of appetite. Try reading about “Tryptophan” and you may start eating Hemp seeds just for this particular reason of its “nutritional goodness”

While most of these essential amino acids are found in animal based protein sources, Hemp is the only plant source where these are available in most digestible form.

Long story short, with ever-increasing cases of insomnia triggered by disrupted brain functioning due to phone towers and artificial sweeteners like Phenylalanine constantly threatening our peace of mind, we seriously need to attain some peace of mind by adding the tryptophan content to our body by adding some Hemp protein to our next smoothie.

8) Weight loss- FIBER

Hi-Fiber content of Hemp Protein is really significant in reducing the consistent cravings for food & sugar. This is a major cause behind people miserably failing to lose weight even after trying much. The fiber content of Hemp Protein- The SUPERFOOD helps you feeling full through the day-thereby helping you lose weight while maintaining required nutritional intake of our body.

A study, published in the European Journal of Pharmacology, suggested that GLA could improve the conditions of people with ADHD, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, premenstrual syndrome, skin allergies, rheumatoid arthritis and obesity.


Hemp being a plant based protein admittedly falls short of some amino acids such as lysine and leucine for which one may prefer synthetic animal based proteins. Hemp doesn’t boast of protein abundance which is neither what our body needs, practically. A human typically needs just the right amount of protein with  a balanced profile. When we looked around, there was no match for Hemp!

The problem is people get so fancy with this versatile crop that they just don’t take it seriously. It’s high time to let go off that giggle factor associated with the humble herb and start adopting it in our diets for it’s wondrous benefits.

Some still believe that hemp has allergy concerns which seems as a purported rhetoric. To all such falsified claims, I would ask a simple question. Why there are no reported food allergies to hemp foods?


Nature is the only eternal kingdom and Hemp its emperor.

If you had asked me 2 years back about the best source of all essential amino acids & protein I would have to guide you through meat, poultry and dairy products. With that comes the lactose, gluten and the guilt of undeniable animal cruelty & killing. But the forward-minded legislation of “Hemp for All” in India has allowed us to relish our age old native plant for it’s values.

The whopping nutritional content in this single-ingredient, organic and magnificent source of protein , has been actually benefitting the folks around the world. Synthetic Protein have had elephant share of market but they miserably fail to be a sustainable option! Those who know it, know it. But with hemp, one can be safe & secured. It’s 100% natural composition is best suited to our bodily requirements of modern-life.

As promised, we’re ready to get you high on Cannabis!

We’re not even joking. Try it and cherish the high of using  MOST SUSTAINABLE HERB on earth. Let’s allow nature to nourish your body, mind & soul and elevate the planetary-health, at the same time.

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