Hemp Protein-150gm

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bleaf- Hemp protein is the optimal fuel source for every go-getter. A 100% Plant-based solution to all modern-day health affairs. It’s nothing but a scoop! A scoop of wholesome protein, packed with essential micronutrients, that supports body, heals heart & relaxes mind. Naturally! It’s earthily delicious in shakes, smoothies, chaach and even some food recipes.


20g – 30g or 1 – 2 Tablespoons per day or as directed by the physician


Store in cool & dry place.
Refrigerate, once opened.

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Trust us, we know what’s been missing from your smoothies & shakes. All this while !

Just a spoonful of gently cold-processed bleaf-Hemp protein is all you need to add to your diet. A rare 100% plant-based protein powder packed with all 9 essential amino acids, hi-fiber & other micronutrients which are highly desired for optimal body functioning. It’s a scoop to help you secure the overall well-being of body, mind & heart. Naturally. Our high-quality Hemp protein is a nutrient-dense pouch of health, calm & happiness. A bountiful product of nature which is sourced from rich Himalayan Hemp Seeds of Cannabis! We at bleaf bring the goodness of cannabis in it’s most edible form, just for you.


Step 1: Make your choice of Drink
Step 2 : Mix 1 Scoop of Hemp Protein
Step 3 : Enjoy your healthful drink
Step 4 : Thank Nature!

You can also add a healthful punch of bleaf-Protein to your choice of coffee, cereals, salads & other food recipes. For aspiring chefs and bakers, bleaf-Protein is a bright chance to add wonderful nutrients to their delightful recipes.

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3 reviews for Hemp Protein-150gm

  1. Akshay Dogra

    Very calming for me! I’ve experienced better routine sleep cycles since I’ve started using this Hemp SUPERFOOD. Never knew Hemp could be this helpful in daily life. Thanks you b’leaf for helping us reconnect with nature and embrace Hemp in daily life.

  2. Tracy Dsouza

    Thank you b’leaf for making Hemp Protein so easily available! I am absolutely in love with your product and can’t stop ranting about it to everybody. So GLAD I could get my hands on the most sustainable herb on the planet because of you!! Cheers b’leaf🌱

  3. Aditya

    This Product is too good to be true. It’s been one month with this product, and we are loving it. Recommended to everyone.

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